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The Benefits of Outsourcing Order Fulfilment to a Reliable Partner
Learn about the advantages of outsourcing your order fulfilment needs to a single, reliable partner. Also, improve your eCommerce business efficiency by outsourcing shipping services and e-commerce fulfilment.
 The Benefits of Outsourcing Order Fulfilment to a Reliable Partner
19 Mar 2024
Delightful Deliveries: Mastering Customer-Centric Strategies for Fast and Efficient E-Commerce Fulfilment
Master customer-centric e-commerce fulfilment with the right strategies. Elevate your brand's speed, precision, and customer satisfaction through efficient e-commerce fulfilment.
parcel-delivery-with-good-depth-field-friendly-worker-with-high-quality-delivery-service (1).jpg
13 Mar 2024
Best Practices for Transforming Last Mile Logistics
Enhance customer delight and boost your business efficiency with advanced last-mile delivery. Discover the best practices of last-mile delivery processes.
The perfect ecommerce partner
26 Dec 2023
The perfect ecommerce fulfilment strategy for small and medium-sized ecommerce businesses
Startups, small-sized or medium-scale businesses - they all look towards ecommerce fulfilment services in competitive online retailing and there are different strategies such as 3PL, drop shipping and self-fulfilment. Here’s how to go about it 
Customer Satisfaction
19 Dec 2023
3 ways to improve customer satisfaction
With the ever-increasing competition in the eCommerce industry, investing in fulfilment efficiency is necessary for customer service and customer satisfaction. Here's how to go about it. 
Why do you need OMS and WMS for your online business.jpeg
12 Dec 2023
Why Your Online Business Needs OMS And WMS
OMS (Order Management System) and WMS (Warehouse Management System) are essential tools for the multichannel integration of online businesses for seamless order tracking and inventorying and shipping.
22 Jun 2023
3 ways your fulfillment and operational efficiency can improve customer satisfaction
Every experience in business and the takeaway from a management lesson has one thing in common with the sustainability of operations: customer satisfaction.
19 Apr 2023
Awareness in fire safety for growth of national infrastructure: How Ecom Express is committed to fire prevention and response
Warehousing and logistics are essential components of the supply chain and play a crucial role in supporting the growth and development of national infrastructure.
31 Mar 2023
How are brands succeeding in Direct-to-Consumer model
One model that has shown promise in getting a customer hooked to a brand is the Direct-to-Consumer model, popularly known as the D2C business model. A D2C business is where the transaction occurs directly between the manufacturer and the end user. They eliminate the “middlemen” such as distributors, agencies and resellers to tap the customer now. This is most evident in online sales,
31 Mar 2023
Why RTO is a crucial metric for e-commerce businesses
Returns are an unavoidable component in e-commerce. But RTO in shipping is a great metric to make faster and more profitable last-mile delivery.
20 Mar 2023
How to Protect Your Online Store from Fake COD Orders
As the world shifts towards online shopping, the key payment option for most customers remains cash on delivery. While it is the most convenient option for customers to save themselves from fraudulent sellers, it is also a hassle for online stores due to fake COD orders. According to a report published in the Times of India, over 90 percent of new customers choose cash on delivery as their preferred mode of payment. Customers who are wary of fraudulent sellers will accept these orders, but a high number of returns to origin
03 Mar 2023
Guide on how to tackle RTO shipping rates efficiently
Are you selling online? Your customer will look for a free return policy before sealing the deal. Return shipment, also known as Return to Origin (RTO), is one of the biggest risks in online and offline retailing. A KPMG study on RTO in shipping revealed that Return to Origin in eCommerce can go up to an unholy 40% in orders where the customer has opted for Cash on Delivery (COD). In India, Times Of India reported that 1 in every 3 post-paid cash orders ends as a return shipment. Let us
02 Feb 2023
Easy steps to sell online with Cash on Delivery
The pandemic has had a huge impact on businesses and one of the industries that has grown immensely post-pandemic is the e-commerce business. While there is a strong push for the digital mode of payment, most people still go with COD delivery when ordering products from e-stores. Three out of 4 people in India still opt for Cash on Delivery for their online orders. It could be because of a lack of trust in online sellers, especially new ones. Online selling has opened up a new market and it is the most
24 Jan 2023
9 Key Steps to Reduce RTO (Return to Origin) in E-commerce
When a package dispatched to the customer is not delivered and is shipped back to the seller, it leads to a logistical issue known as Return to Origin (RTO). Customers might feel empowered and facilitated when a product, which does not turn up to their liking, gets returned for replacement or a refund, but for the seller, it is a nightmare. With buyer preferences shifting online, the RTO ratio has increased considerably. Customers are three times more likely to return products sold online than in offline stores. If RTO in shipping
19 Jan 2023
How to get your COD remitted sooner from your shipping partner?
The Cash on Delivery payment method is thriving in the Indian e-commerce industry. From a buyer’s perspective, it is simple. They receive the product and make the payment. But as a D2C seller, you know the pain points. The customer pays the delivery partner with cash, a debit card, or a digital wallet for a COD delivery order. Then, your logistics partner transfers these funds to your bank account. The process is called COD remittance. Unpaid remittances on COD delivery orders are a big concern for firms. As a business, you
14 Oct 2022
What are the biggest obstacles for online D2C brands?
Modern e-commerce is shifting from B2C to D2C. D2C brands are changing the role of their customers, who become co-creators. They create their own brand experience and share their point of view, reviews, and recommendations. Customer has more power than ever, which leads to more trust between the online shop and the customer. Due to this, the popularity of D2C brands is increasing. While traditional B2C brands are still trying to figure out how best to leverage this trend, D2C brands have already started their journey towards becoming more customer-centric. The
14 Oct 2022
Things to consider when choosing a logistics partner for online retail business
Good logistics performance and the best management of logistics are essential for a successful online retail business. Selecting the right third-party logistics partner can help improve supply chain efficiency, contain costs and enhance overall customer service. Wide reach, timely connections, and deliveries are key to meeting customers expectations who want shorter delivery times. Businesses need to be equipped with efficient logistics solutions to ensure that they deliver the right item in a timely manner to customers. Logistics is an integral aspect of any online retail business in order to optimize the
08 Apr 2022
How to reduce RTO for your D2C e-commerce business
In the e-commerce business, order returns can be distressing as they bring down the number of successful shipment deliveries and cut your profits. As sellers, you must be familiar with the term Return to Origin (RTO), meaning non-deliverability of a shipment and its return to the seller's original pickup address. Shipments are tagged as RTO when the courier partner cannot deliver the shipment owing to the non-availability of the customer and hence sends it back to the shipper's address. Therefore, RTO can be an extra cost for sellers due to the
11 Mar 2022
Important Tips about E-Commerce Logistics for Start-Ups
The thriving start-up ecosystem in India has unlocked massive opportunities for many new e-commerce businesses. This not only is giving boost to the nation’s economy but also creating employment for many. However, where there are opportunities, there are also challenges. Any e-commerce business, whether it is a start-up or trying to scale up, there are multiple factors involved. From product development to inventory management to marketing, each step comes with its own set of challenges. In this entire jigsaw of business operations, one component is of utmost importance – logistics. E-commerce
25 Jan 2022
A Complete Guide to B2C Fulfillment for eCommerce Businesses
A recent survey has revealed that many B2B companies are planning to add B2C channels to their network because B2C logistics provide an opportunity for businesses to engage with their customers directly and understand their needs and expectations building the brand credibility besides making the customers feel that they are a part of the brand. Today, we are here to provide you with a thorough understanding of what B2C fulfillment is, why consider a B2C shipping partner and what crucial factors to look for while choosing the right B2C fulfillment service.
27 Dec 2021
A complete guide to contactless delivery
In current pandemic times, being a germophobe has become a new normal. More and more people are getting aware of the hazards and in turn becoming wary of the touchpoints. This made businesses, especially e-commerce to improvise and offer contactless delivery to the customers. With the advent of Covid19 and subsequent lockdowns, people were forced to shop online. As the customers became comfortable with online shopping, it created massive spike in sales. Many business houses enjoyed this boom and also worked on greater customer experience. The main challenge was an efficient
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