Regional Lead- First Mile (10-15 Year)

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Posted: Apr 14, 2021

Updated 10 months ago

Regional Manager- First Mile

  1. To ensure that the Pickup file is received as per SOP. If not then follow it with CS and also Manager Operations –PPC.
  2. Ensure all pick up staff are sent for Pickup with complete details about the number of shipment to be picked up, type of vehicle, address and timings for Pickup.
  3. Ensure proper filing of Manifests, day /vendor wise and resolve all cases pertaining to manifest issues / hand held devices.
  4. Ensure all Pickup staff is fully aware of the procedure to be followed for Pick up as per manifest process/hand held devices.
  5. Provide support to pick up team staff in terms of Logistics and other Administration either
  6. Coordinate with vendor concerned if there are any problems related to Pick up and ensure the same are communicated in reporting channels and CS for further action
  7. Ensure all hiring of vehicle for Pickup are well supported with justifications and business needs.
  8. Proper accounting of petty cash/advance to meet urgent/emergent needs for pickup/operation purpose.
  9. Ensuring all shifts in PPC run as per staffing levels and on time. No variation to be allowed.
  10. Ensure the sorter operations runs optimally with all features used ,Weights and volumetric weight should be correctly recorded as the revenue of the company are linked to it. No shipments to be processed without weights/Volumetric weight.
  11. Ensure proper sorting of shipments and also ensure its proper bagging through sortation systems/ manual bagging through hand held devices.
  12. Ensure all bags are handed over/connected to HUB are as per connection timings. For this liaise with HUB team on regular basis to know the connection mode and timings.
  13. Ensure sending of attendance to HR on time.
  14. You will be responsible for maintaining the serviceability of sortation system , IT equipment and infrastructure. For this maintain close coordination with IT team at Regional/Head office.
  15. Ensure all admin related issues including security are addressed. For this you will maintain close coordinate with Administrator team security team at Regional/Head Office.
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Experience Required

10-15 Year





Employment Type

Full time

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