Finance Manager (5 year)

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Posted: Dec 14, 2022

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Finance Manager

Fixed assets
Fixed assets of the company in terms of procurements , tracking, periodic physical verifications, movements, transfers and  Disposals. To ensure that stock requisition, general stationery and operations stock, is arranged for the region.
Financial Discipline across Company through Budgets & Variance Analysis
Roll out annual budget and to plan a structured P&L and Balance Sheet reviews  with functional team on a month to month basis and corrective actions thereof.
No aged balance > 60 days
Transaction Data Quality/ Tax and compliance
To ensure data quality and controls in terms of Audit , Tax and compliance with the company’s internal policy guidelines. Also to ensure make surprise visits to DC/HUB/FC and submit reports to RH/RC for proper controlling on cost.
Automation to improve service excellence
Support HQC in Automation & Implementation of Employee Reimbursement Claim & Payment, e-COD Process.
Continuous reliable service delivery level
Set-up proactive payment process and build process quality metrics through internal and external dashboard, NDC process & aged payables review. Build analytical and validation tools to process claims faster while auditing incorrect claims
Finance and Accounts Manual
Support HQC in Creating a overall framework for the Finance function, process and quality manual for Payments Team and its implementation thereafter.
Actual Vs Provision bills /vouchers accounting
Provision for previous month should not be carried out in next month.
Financial  Statements Reporting
To ensure that Financial Statements for each month are completed and data is submitted to HO by 2nd of the following month.
COD Collection and tracking
Improved rigor on collections process by providing proactive analytics and info to sales team, providing statement of account to customers on realtime basis through Customer Panel, automating CN module and automation of COD deposit/Pay-In-Slip . Continue to monitor COD controls and ensure 0 aged balances.
Cost Optimization
To ensure cost optimization through various initiatives /processes in Fuel/EBT/ Fleet-local,Rental etc.
To ensure SD recovery has to be done on timely manner from the date of premises vacation as per notice period, no SD to be left with LL above 30days ageing, proper follow-up needs to be done with GOH team for recovery
Employee Reimbursement
To ensure that employees expense vouchers are scrutinized for accuracy, accounting reimbursement and checked for accuracy/corrections and sent to HO for reimbursement as per the set process.
Co-ordination with Legal team
For getting the agreement executed as per the standard conditions of the company the agreement draft has to be vetted and validated by the legal team with the proper co-ordination
Maintaining Agreement records
Agreements of all the locations needs to be kept in form of hardcopy or softcopy for any future references
Regional Accounting
Decentralize finance, administration & facilities management to support empowerment of Regions with clear accountability to performance and cost
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Full time

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