Cluster Head- Operations (3-5 Year)

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Posted: Apr 14, 2021

Updated 10 months ago

Cluster Head- Operations


  • Responsible for overall performance and smooth functioning of all DCs/PPC/Hub in his or her cluster.
  • Visit each DC at least once in 20 days or on need basis.
  • Follow up, escalate and track all operation security concerns related to DC time to time.
  • Collect competitor information within his/her cluster.
  • Checking/tracking DC expenses

Performance Monitoring:

  • Identifying strong and weak DCs, analyse reasons, work out methods for improvement to ensure good Dc performance.
  • Check pendency at DC and ensure all loads is attempted on Day 1 of receipt.
  • Monitor all RVP pendency and quick collection of RVP assigned.
  • Review monthly delivery performance of all staff.
  • NDR monitoring & highlighting if NDR calling is not done
  • Monitor ageing; action on RTO instructions from key accounts
  • Monitor that SALL Tally is done by all DCs every day.
  • No info escalation & closure.
  • Conduct regular operations process training and ensure process adherence by all staff.
  • Maintenance and upkeep of all
  • Oversee that all administrative facilities like Drinking Water, Hygiene of DC, etc. are in good condition.
  • Ensure that all admin and operation assets and IT hardware are properly maintained.
  • Check process flaw and ensure correct layout plan of DC
  • Supervise EBS operations at DC’s.
  • Check pending RTS shipments on daily basis and ensure that DC is running without pendency.
  • Ensure security instructions are followed properly.
  • Monitor discipline and integrity aspects of employees and initiate action when required
  • Ensure monitoring, proper upkeep and safe custody of all important registers pertaining to Attendance, petty cash, Meter reading, Compliance related register and admin asset registers.
  • Regularly asses manpower requirement based on applicable productivity norms.
  • Monitor Adhoc Vehicle Hiring.
  • Action on points/observations raised during audit.
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Experience Required

3-5 Year





Employment Type

Full time

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