Business Analyst (2-5yrs)

Business Analyst | Job ID:ECOM/BA/0005

Posted: Jul 29, 2021

Updated 6 months ago

Business Analyst

Roles & Responsibilities
1. Undertake projects of the following types as part of a 2-3 member team:
o Performance improvement projects such as identifying the key factors for employee
engagement, minimising shipment returns, dynamic identification of shipment
delays, predicting incorrectly routed packages etc.
o Support business decisions across functions with analyses covering business impact,
costs and benefits, such as deciding the locations of new centres, pricing models etc.
o Projects to track performance parameters and drive improvement, with root-cause
2. Independently drive modules of larger projects
3. Coordinate with stakeholders across functions to drive project delivery.

Broad skillset: Problem solving skills, statistical knowledge
• Experience requirement:
o 2-4 years’ relevant work experience
o Hands’ on experience of data extraction, wrangling, analysis, modelling and
• Tool knowledge (mandatory):
o Excel (Proficiency – Strong)
o SQL (Proficiency – Strong)
o R/Python

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Business Analyst

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Full time

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