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Apart from bringing cheer and lots of fun, the much awaited festive season also marks the beginning of shopping and delivery woes faced by customers while ordering from the e-commerce platforms.

Picture this: The customer ordered the latest smartphone as a Diwali gift for their loved one and had to face the biggest nightmare of calling, tracking the shipment, and following up with the e-retailer for the delivery of the product which actually didn’t happen much after their favourite festival is done and dusted with.

Sounds familiar?

Well, this has been the reality of the ever-growing e-commerce industry for quite some time now. The end of the year festive season is the time when most of the e-commerce bigwigs face demand-supply crunch and struggle to meet the expectations of a timely and smooth delivery to the shoppers.

The problem becomes acute not just during festive times but also when e-tailers conduct promotional offers where the demand rises manifolds. The trend, although is a proof point that e-commerce culture is going to stay in India, comes with various supply chain inefficiencies as well.

Entry of a dedicated e-commerce logistics service provider in the picture

The Indian e-commerce industry, currently at approximately $2.3 billion, is expected to grow to a whopping $32 billion (1.92 lakh crore INR) by 2020 as per Technopak, a Gurgaon-based consultancy. However, to make this transition smoothly, it is crucial that the logistics sector, the most important connecting link between e-retailers and online shoppers, keeps pace with the rising retail sector using innovative and cutting-edge technology.

It won’t be wrong to say that logistics is the foundation of success for any e-commerce player. Having a reliable and efficient logistics partner is of paramount importance to make this demand-supply cycle seamless. The primary role of these logistics partners is to ensure timely and efficient delivery of the products to make the customers happy and loyal to the retailer in the long run.

The Leading Logistics Partner of E-commerce Platforms

Ecom Express is a leading end-to-end tech-enabled logistics solutions provider to the e-commerce industry, which believes in leveraging technology to digitalize and smoothen the supply chain management for an enhanced customer experience.

How Ecom Express Is Gearing Up To Deliver The Festive Rush Orders

From beefing its capacity to address the huge demand during the festive season, using technology to create a sustainable system to increase the number of distribution stations, Ecom Express is taking multiple measures to be able to address the spiked demand during this rush.

Some of the smart ways adopted by the logistics firm to make shopping and delivery during festivals a smooth ride for customers include:

Robust Tech Applications

Ecom Express believes in using innovative tech solutions for an unruffled order delivery.

The company invests in some of the robust tech applications enabled through devices such as First Mile Pickups through “SRUTi”, Weight Dimensions through “SRi”, Parcel automation through “SHACTi” and Last Mile Delivery through “SATHi” to ensure exceptional service experience to the customers.

First to Last Mile Operating Systems

Continuously striving for better service delivery and transparency, Ecom Express leverages its digital capacities to enhance the speed of pick-up and delivery. The company aims to achieve utmost efficiency in delivery services by:

*Improving utilization and processing time

*Taking systematic measures for efficient route optimisation using data analytics and other machine learning tools

*Real-time electronic proof of delivery

*Giving an option of real-time tracking to the consignees

*Providing automated reports to the customer

*Efficient Cash-on-Delivery collection and

*Real-time flow of information to customers

GPS-enabled Fleet

One technological intervention used by Ecom Express to ensure delivery of orders on scheduled time is the use of a dedicated-GPS enabled fleet of vehicles plying to and from strategically positioned hubs.

Furthermore, the company employs a dedicated Security and Operations force who provide end-to-end security and controls to monitor the movement of each shipment to ensure resource utilization and an Uber-like customer experience to the shoppers.

Constant Monitoring

Taking the concept of live monitoring a notch up, Ecom Express’ Control Tower ensures to keep a close eye on every shipment until the same is delivered to the customer. The Control Tower functions as a data room, where live transactions are projected into TV screens with key metrics to be monitored 24×7.

The Way Ahead!

An increasing number of people in the logistics decision-making accept and acknowledge the fact that technology is probably the best way to deal with the challenges of supply chain management that exists in the e-commerce industry. Tech-enabled innovative solutions, automation, data analytics and other machine learning tools not only helps in increasing the efficiency but also to keep costs under control.

Ecom Express is a leading name in the logistics industry employing technology to transform the online shopping experience of customers. Leveraging sophisticated analytics and other tech-enabled solutions, the company is partnering with the biggest online retailers to gear up and provide exceptional service experience to customers during the upcoming festive rush.

With Ecom Express as your logistics partner, your customers can shop heartily on your shopping site and we will ensure to deliver them their bundles of joy right on time!

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