24 January 2023

9 Key Steps to Reduce RTO (Return to Origin) in E-commerce

When a package dispatched to the customer is not delivered and is shipped back to the seller, it leads to a logistical issue known as Return to Origin (RTO). Customers might feel empowered and facilitated when a product, which does not turn up to their liking, gets returned for replacement or a refund, but for the seller, it is a nightmare. With buyer preferences shifting online, the RTO ratio has increased considerably. Customers are three times more likely to return products sold online than in offline stores. If RTO in shipping


19 January 2023

How to get your COD remitted sooner from your shipping partner?

The Cash on Delivery payment method is thriving in the Indian e-commerce industry. From a buyer’s perspective, it is simple. They receive the product and make the payment. But as a D2C seller, you know the pain points. The customer pays the delivery partner with cash, a debit card, or a digital wallet for a COD delivery order. Then, your logistics partner transfers these funds to your bank account. The process is called COD remittance. Unpaid remittances on COD delivery orders are a big concern for firms.  As a business, you